Affordable Option In The Heart Of Downtown San Diego.
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Why Golden West Hotel?

Why Do We Different From Others? This is a very affordable and efficient option for downtown living, Space And Availability Are Limited. Call for an appointment 619-233-7594

Renovations done by: Good Steward Management

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“Built In 1913” Affordable Option In The
Heart Of Downtown San Diego.

The Golden West Hotel is now renting newly renovated and furnished rooms.
If you’re looking for an affordable and easy place to live in downtown San Diego, Golden West Apartments is now renting newly renovated, simple living rooms starting at $560 per month. Our rooms are furnished with a twin bed on a platform frame for under bed storage and storage shelving.
Located in the heart of downtown San Diego’s Gaslamp quarter, Golden West Apartments, also know as Golden West Hotel is one of San Diego’s historic Workingman’s hotels. Designed by John Lloyd Wright, son of famed Frank Lloyd Wright, The Golden West Hotel was built to house John D. Spreckles workforce in the early 1900s; the hotel was home to both long and short term tenancies. High ceiling, stained glass skylights, and simple stone floor tile accentuate the lobby, making it a comfortable place to meet neighbors, sit and relax with a morning cup of coffee or a scoop of ice cream from the on-property convenience store.
Located within walking distance of public transportation, grocery stores, restaurants, and shopping. Sea Port Village and the waterfronts are a quick bike ride or easy walk west. Get around downtown the easy way in San Diego’s free electric cart transportation service, FRED RideCircuit. For more information on RideCircuit Visit: https://www.ridecircuit.com/fred
Our studio apartment rooms are ideal for individuals who are seeking affordable rents and an opportunity for easy living, enjoy being close to the downtown nightlife, or seeking a minimalist and simple style of living.
Cox cable TV service and utilities are included. Tenants share common area bathrooms and showers.

Secure Door Entries

If you forget your keys? Ring our doorbell, but remember to pull the handle 5-10 seconds after you ring it because you won’t hear a buzzing sound.

Security Cameras

We have security cameras in the lobby and in the upper hallways.

Responsive Design & Video By:

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Make An Offer & Email me at: sharpefranklin@gmail.com


1. Call For Availability at 1-619-233-7594
2. Landlords phone number & email address, for a “Rental Verification.”
3. Employers phone number & email address, for a “Employment Verification.”
4. Three of your most current pay stubs for proof of income.
5. Minimum Income is $1,150.00
6. Valid Identification
7. Only accepting service animals as pets, must show proof of registration.

Office Hours?

Closed on:
Sunday’s & Goverment Holidays
Open on:
Monday ( 10 am to 12 pm )  & ( 2 pm to 4 pm )
Tuesday ( 10 am to 12 pm ) & ( 2 pm to 4 pm )
Wednesday ( 10 am to 12 pm )  & ( 2 pm to 4 pm )
Thursday ( 10 am to 12 pm ) & ( 2 pm to 4 pm )
Friday ( 10 am to 12 pm ) &  ( 2 pm to 4 pm )
Saturday 10 am – 12 pm
Call Between These Hours Only! If You Have Questions At 1.619.233.7594



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